I AM andrea mara formann.


In my devotion as healer I possess powers as seer, priestess and see myself as a holy woman who speaks with the unseen and knows the ways of nature and creation. It is my intention to give my gifts, inspire and create a better world.

I walk wise with intuition in a deep passion for the sacred in everything and have faith in the divine.

I support you to see your clear vision and assist you in projecting conscious truth and light into your personal movie called life. I walk with you through the doorway in your heart into magic and help you to remain true to you and in devotion to your heart center finding the path back to love.

As you continue to heal, forgive, accept and love yourself, you gain wisdom and you can release the you, who is not you, to experience the authentic you.

My work brings a life experience of balance, joy and inner peace and a reflected world of unconditional love.